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San Juan Island's Bicycle Rental Center

Located just north of Seattle, the San Juan Islands are a world-renowned cycling destination. With four ferry-accessible islands to explore, riders can choose from an array of different terrains. Our roads wind through lush cedar forests, cross open valleys, and curve along rocky shorelines.

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Riders of all skill levels are sure to enjoy biking in the San Juans. We offer several different types of bicycles to accommodate everyone’s preferred style. Whether you’re an avid cyclist looking to tour the islands for several days, or a beginner looking for a fun afternoon activity, we have the right bike and the right route for you! View our traditional and electric bike options.

What is an Electric Bike?

Electric bikes also known as “E-Bikes” assist the ride with the use of a small electric motor. There are a variety of styles of electric bikes. Some use hub motors and others use mid-drive motors at the cranks. Electric bikes are divided into 3 classes. We use class 1 eclectic bikes which are defined as a bike that is pedal assist only with no throttle and a maximum assist speed of 20 mph. If you are interested in a throttle-style electric bicycle you will need to look for a class 2 electric bike.

We only use Class 1 no throttle electric bikes in our rental fleet!

What kind of bikes do you rent?

We offer 2 styles of bikes; Hybrid and Electric-Assist. Hybrid bikes are not electric. They are upright bikes with flat bars for road use with a wider tire than a traditional road bike. Electric-Assist bikes require you to pedal while the electric motor assists you.  We have found over the past several years that most visitors are happiest with the Electric-Assist Bikes. Select a bike for your next tour of the San Juan Islands.

What is provided with a bike rental?

What we provide:

  • Bike Helmet
  • Lock
  • Tire Repair Kit

Learn more about bike rental preparation and our other biking resources.

Can I take the bike on the ferry to other islands?

Absolutely. You can take the bike on the ferry to visit any of the other ferry-accessible islands. View some of our most popular biking routes.

Can I return the bike after office hours?

Yes, we have an after-hours lock-up area that we will point out before you leave the office. No extra charge for after-hours drop-off.  Contact us for more information.

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