American Camp National Park / South Beach

The ride to the south end of San Juan Island is a staff favorite, and for good reason! With stunning views, abundant wildlife, and great hiking options, this route has it all! While this route does contain several moderate hills, riders will be pleased to find ample shoulder room and fairly low levels of traffic. Hiking options en-route can start from Cattle Point, Mount Finlayson, South Beach, or American Camp National Park, where there is also a visitors center worth stopping at. Starting near American Camp, the island terrain shifts to open grassland that slopes down toward the island’s longest pebble beach. This grassy area is home to deer, foxes, rabbits, bald eagles, and an abundant assortment of wildflowers. Set up a picnic on the driftwood at South Beach and soak up some sunshine before looping back to Friday Harbor through more scenic and pastoral landscapes.

American Camp


Distance:22.42 mi.
Elevation:1486 ft.


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